Rose Gold Jewelry by Carole

Butterfly Pendant and Chain

1846N.jpg-Butterfly Pendant and Chain

A nice focal point for almost anything you wear, whether high- or low-necked top or dress. Butterflies mean special things to many people and I especially think of all the beautiful butterflies I've seen in my own garden, and other gardens, when I look at this pendant.

1846N - - 18.5in long - $24.00Buy Now

Labradorite & crystals

1801N.jpg-Labradorite & crystals Necklace

I purchased high quality Labradorite beads with lots of "labradorescence" (a blue sheen) for this necklace and I used only the best beads of what I purchased. It's beautiful!

1801N - - 19.5in long - $54.00Buy Now

Large Hammered Links Necklace

1924N.jpg-Large Hammered Link Chain

I love working with hammered links and these are especially high-quality. The necklace is a little longer so we can take advantage of the draping of the links.

1924N - - 24in long - $49.00Buy Now

Multi Beryl Beads and Chips

1808N.jpg-Multi-Beryl Necklace

Beryls are in the same family of gemstones as Aquamarines, Emeralds, and Morganite. These are lovely pastel colors and there is good contrast between the smooth large pebble beads and the Beryl chips at the back.

1808N - 18in long - $63.00Buy Now

Open Horizontal Cross with Chain

1925N.jpg-Open Horizontal Cross with Chain

I do like this cross style. I wasn't sure the cross would lay flat on the neck, but it does, beautifully.

1925N - - 19in long - $24.00Buy Now

Fancy Jaspers in Various Sizes and Shapes

1868N.jpg-Fancy Jasper Necklace

Fancy Jaspers come in such rich colors. The beads in this necklace are also cut in various shapes and the small rondelles are faceted as well.

1868N - 19.75in long - $88.00Buy Now

Diamond Links and Chain Bracelet

1928B.jpg-Diamond Links and Chain Bracelet

If you like dainty bracelets then this one is for you. I made it so that you can wear it up to an 8.5in wrist.

1928B - up to 8.5in long - $29.00Buy Now

Pastel Amazonite Necklace

1807N.jpg-Amazonite and FW Pearl Necklace

This is a delicate necklace with small pale Amazonite gemstones with Freshwater Pearls.

1807N - 18in long - $39.00Buy Now

Faceted Fancy Jasper Round Bead Necklace

1866N.jpg-Faceted Fancy Jasper and FW Pearl Necklace

Here I used faceted Fancy Jasper gemstones with small freshwater pearls and rose gold links.

1866N - 21in long - $72.00Buy Now

Horizontal Cross Link and Chain

1932N.jpg-Horizontal Cross Link and Chain

This is another horizontal link cross. Wear this right below the neck to keep them from turning. It's made so it's wearable up to 20.5inches.

1932N - - up to 20.5in long - $24.00Buy Now

Apatite Necklace

1830N.jpg-Apatite Gemstone  Necklace

This is a delicate station necklace with dark blue-green Apatite gemstone beads. I've designed it so it works with a variety of neck sizes.

1830N - 16 to 18.5in long - $74.00Buy Now

Infinity Link Chain with Heart and Key Charms

1930N.jpg-Infinity Link Chain with Heart and Key Charms

The chain is handmade with infinity and double heart links. Very unusual! I've added two charms - heart and key as well.

1930N - 17 - 20in long - $27.00Buy Now

Amazonite and Beryl Gemstone Necklace with Crystals

1810N.jpg-Amazonite and Beryl  Necklace

Lovely Amazonite and Beryl Gemstones play off the beautiful white crystals. This is truly a beautiful necklace.

1810N - 19in long - $64.00Buy Now

Asymmetrical Butterfly Pendant with Chain

1926N.jpg-Butterfly Pendant with Chain

An asymmetrical Butterfly Pendant and Chain, but for a smaller neck. August is the time on the East Coast to watch the Swallowtail butterflies. Maybe they may even land on you or your glasses!

1926N - 18 in long - $28.00Buy Now

Fancy Jasper Coin Beads and Chips Necklace

1870N.jpg-Fancy Jasper Coin and Chip Beads Necklace

The smooth Fancy Jasper coin shaped beads provide a nice foil for the chip beads. There are also small round rose gold links to echo the coin beads.

1870N - 25.5in long - $47.00Buy Now

Beryl Gemstones with a Rose Gold Heart

1799N.jpg-Beryl, Crystals and Rose Gold Heart Necklace

The lovely Beryl Beads and pale warm pink crystals go so well with Rose Gold heart and links.

1799N - 19in long - $84.00Buy Now

Horizontal Open Cross Bracelet

1927B.jpg-Horizontal Open Cross Bracelet

I do like this open cross. It's on a strong oval cable chain and any wrist up to 8.5 inches can wear it. If you need it longer let me know before purchasing.

1927B - up to 8.5 in long - $19.00Buy Now

Porcelain Jasper and Crystals

1872N.jpg-Porcelain Jasper and Crystals Necklace

The Porcelain Jasper and Crystal necklace also has rose gold links.

1872N - 18.5 to 21.25in long - $69.00Buy Now

Rose Gold Chain and Small Cross

1805N.jpg-Chain Necklace with Cross

Delicate Rose Gold Chain with Cross. If you would like to purchase this for a younger person, I'll gladly shorten the necklace for you at no additional charge.

1805N - 18in long - $30.00Buy Now

Multi Moonstone, Freshwater Pearls and Chain

1865N.jpg-Multi Moonstone and Freshwater Pearl Necklace

Multi Moonstone Rondelles and Freshwater Pearls Necklace is finished with chain. Just like the rainbow moonstone, multi-colored moonstone has that special shimmer which is called "schiller" or "adularescence". Very beautiful. You can see the shimmer in the stones I selected for this necklace.

1865N - 19 to 22in long - $38.00Buy Now

Large Oval Links Chain

1933N.jpg-Large Oval Links Chain

I do like this new chain. It's different from the chains I usually work with, and it's no longer available. I thought I'd try a simple design with the larger links in the center of the chain. I wish I had bought more.

1933N - to 20.5 in long - $39.00Buy Now

Beryls and Crystals with Rose Gold Heart

1804N.jpg-Beryls and Crystals Necklace

Beryls and Crystals combined with a Rose Gold Heart. Again, gorgeous pastel beryls that you can wear with anything.

1804N - 18 to 20in long - $54.00Buy Now

Seraphinite Gemstones Station Necklace

1871N.jpg-Seraphinite Station Necklace

Lovely "Angel Wings" Seraphinite Station Necklace - Gorgeous with its silvery chatoyant fibers giving the illusion of "angel wings"! This is supposed to be the most healing of all of the gemstones.

1871N - 16.75 to 19in long - $44.00Buy Now

Multi Beryl Station Necklace

1795N.jpg-Multi Beryl Station Necklace

Lovely pastel multi-colored Beryl gemstones in a station necklace. If you're into pastels then don't miss out on the opportunity to own these lovely-colored gemstones. Really gorgeous!

1795N - 21in long - $114.00Buy Now